Zelda Wii U possibilities

I have been searching the dark corners of the internet for more Zelda Wii U news and have finally found some more. I found this article at Zelda Universe.

“As an owner of a Wii U, I am very impressed with Nintendo’s latest system. Much of the console’s largest appeal comes from the revolutionary new controller, the GamePad. In terms of comfort, convenience and fun, words cannot express how impressed I am with the GamePad; but its greatest attribute is the amount of potential it provides for future games.

The Zelda series is renowned for its clever puzzles and innovation, and has already embraced new hardware to create new ways to play. Phantom Hourglass used the DS’s dual screens, touch capabilities and microphone; Four Swords Adventures was one of the few titles to use the GC/GBA link cable as the main mechanic, and Skyward Sword used the Wii’s motion controls to its fullest potential.

Now, VentureBeat has asked some developers what they’d like to see in the next entry in Nintendo’s fantasy adventure franchise. Read on to see their ideas, and maybe share your own!


Steve Lycett, the executive producer on Sonic & All-Stars RacingTransformed,voiced his idea for the return of Ocarina of Time item, the Lens of Truth:

“Lens of Truth, Ocarina of Time-style, except you use the GamePad to look around your living room for hidden secrets and fairies. A whole window into another world.”

Robert Boyd, a developer from Zeboyd Games, had a more subtle but similarly clever concept:

“A Zelda sequel where they have the map and a touch-controlled item select screen on the GamePad at all times to reduce the amount of time wasted in menus.”

Edmund McMillen, developer of platformer classic Super Meat Boy shared what kind of Zelda game he’d like to see next:

“I’d like them to make a full Zelda: Four Swords game with it. But I’d also like them to stop making new controllers and just focus on what matters: games.”

While I’d disagree with Edmund on Nintendo ceasing to innovate their hardware as well as their software, I’ve been thinking about a Four Swords title on Wii U for a long time. The GamePad is the perfect replacement for the Game Boy Advance screen, and as soon as Nintendo start distributing GamePads separately and allow multiple GamePads for multiplayer purposes (as they promised!), I can definitely see this happening.

A few other ideas of my own to throw in: note-taking on maps via the GamePad touch screen, like in the DS games; aiming the bow (and other items) using the GamePad’s gyro scope, like in Nintendo Land‘s “Zelda Battle Quest”; and using the controller as a Picto Box, moving it around the room to capture pictographs.

I’d recommend checking out the full article, as there are many more great ideas for other Nintendo franchises Paper Mario, Metroid, F-Zero and Pokemon.”

What ideas would you like to see in the next Zelda title, with the Wii U hardware in mind? I would like to give full credit for the article to Zelda Universe.



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