Zelda HD collection

I think we all want this when I say Nintendo should package all the previous Zelda games into one box set or disc and retexture/smooth everything into a Zelda HD collection. It would be hard but not as hard as building an entirely new game, so I think Nintendo could pull it off as a side project. The story and game play is all there, but the graphics aren’t. If Nintendo could do something like turning this…

 …Into this 

We’d be all set to have a nice little recap of the Zelda series like we’ve never seen it before. It would also bring a lot of new fans including people who weren’t too into Zelda in the recent past because of the lack of modern graphics. Imagine A Link to the Past looking like this. I think we should all tell Nintendo what we think of this great idea by all sending them an email about it. Send your emails to nintendo@noa.nintendo.com. If we make this happen, I owe all of you a chocolate chip pancake.

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