The golden nunchuk is back!

As some of you may know, when Skyward Sword was released they had a special, limited edition bundle with a golden, Zelda themed Wii mote.

My golden Zelda Wii More

My golden Zelda Wii mote

Although the Wii mote was awesome it lacked a nunchuk in the bundle and I found it very annoying to use a black or white nunchuk with it because it felt unfitting. After awhile Nintendo responded to all the fans requests for a gold nunchuk to go with the Wii mote. Unfortunately I, and many of you were unable to obtain one of these  because of its limited quantity and the fact that it was only exclusively sold at club Nintendo and costed 900 coins. After awhile it sold out and I regretted not having enough points to get it. Now finally its back and available at Club Nintendo for its former price of 900 coins. I have a screenshot of the page in the post below. Click more to see the page

Club Nintendo golden nunchuk


Click here to get yours. If I end up getting one I will post some pics.

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