I decided not to post anything too special this time. I was just cruising the internet for some cool Zelda stuff and I saw these awesome Majora’s Mask pictures. I gotta start practicing my drawing skills and start trying to make stuff like this.

Click more to see the other pics. (more…)

I think we all want this when I say Nintendo should package all the previous Zelda games into one box set or disc and retexture/smooth everything into a Zelda HD collection. It would be hard but not as hard as building an entirely new game, so I think Nintendo could pull it off as a side project. The story and game play is all there, but the graphics aren’t. If Nintendo could do something like turning this…

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IGN has had some successful interviews with Iwata in the past year. Nintendo has been teasing us, and not releasing very much information about Zelda Wii U and 3DS. I would like to share an article from vg247 that caught my interest.

The Legend of Zelda and the next fully-3D Mario title have been discussed by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Check out his tantalising tease below. (more…)

Nintendo had an uproar of praise with the OOT 3D reboot in 2011. After that Nintendo has been very secretive with their production of the new Zelda games. Gamespot has an interview with franchise director Eiji Aonuma in which he says the new title will not be a remake. This saddens me because we will all have to wait for Majora’s Mask 3D but I will look forward to this new game. Anyways click more to see the interview. (more…)

I hate to copy someone else’s article but ZeldaInformer has some possible leaked information I would like to share.

Surfacing 2013 Rumours Speculate Nintendo’s Plans, Zelda 3DS And The Next-Gen Race
30. November 2012 by Andrew Nardi

These rumors come from a semi-legitimate source: a guy called Geno, who probably knows another guy, who knows a guy… But in fact, Geno is the same source that correctly foresaw the announcement of the Kingdom Hearts and Castlevania HD collections. To be fair, these rumors are a lot more whoppingly juicy than a couple of upscaled ports, so the validity is questionable, as is their classification as rumors as opposed to sheer speculation. Like the good journalists we are, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

These rumors suggest Sony and Microsoft plan to hit Nintendo hard from the get-go in 2013, while Nintendo will be focusing on pushing software aggressively onto the Wii U and 3DS. Geno claims that Nintendo will reveal the new 3DMario game at E3, and launch it on the Wii U in the holiday of 2013. He also mentions Zelda 3DS, Retro Studios, new IPs from Nintendo, and Nintendo’s strategy to buy out a major third-party franchise… (more…)