I just added a new feature to the website. I have made it so that you can earn ranks by commenting enough times. I’m not gonna tell what the other ones are (find out for yourself) but the one you have from the start is A Boy in Blue Pajamas (a reference to the beginning of the Wind Waker). You guys will have to find out the other Zelda related ranks by commenting so comment away.

I have just recently changed the channel name for the website from my name to ZeldaNews1 (somebody already took zeldanews and I couldn’t do zeldanews.com because they don’t allow periods). There isn’t really much to this post so I’ll talk about some other stuff too. In a couple days I will be making a video displaying my possible Zelda goodies I get on my birthday and I am now saving my money for a Wii U so I can get The Wind Waker HD. I will also try to get an HD pvr so I can start the Walkthrough videos (sorry about the wait). Hopefully by the end of the month The logo will be done and we can all look forwards to Wind Waker HD. I’ll put in a couple comics because I’m bored. (more…)

I was browsing the internet awhile ago when I saw a picture that looked like an HD remake of the Wind Waker. I didn’t think much of it, assuming it was a fan made pic, I kept browsing thinking I might just make another fan made HD remake post. Then I found this article at Wii U daily. I also found the Nintendo direct video when it was announced

“The biggest Wii U announcement of the year so far goes to Zelda: Wind Waker, as Nintendo just announced a Wii U Zelda Wind Waker game. The HD remake will offer Zelda fans something to play until the real Zelda Wii U title comes out on the Wii U (rumored for 2014). We’ve captured the screenshots Nintendo showcased of Wind Waker Wii U during their latest Nintendo Direct video. As expected, the game looks gorgeous. We can’t wait to see it in action. Click more to see some more screenshots and the video. (more…)

There hasn’t been very much Zelda news in the past few days and I’ve been a little busy, but I noticed that almost none of you have profile pictures. Just click on the little tab in the right hand corner and click edit profile. Then you just scroll down to the upload picture thing. You can put in any picture, but its cool to have Zelda stuff. In a bit I’ll post a video with all of the stuff I might get on my birthday.

I just have made new Youtube, Google, Facebook accounts for the website. If you want to reach me or you want to view any of my videos (pretty much none right now) my account is www.zeldanews@gmail.com, also I’m gonna make a video about the Hyrule Historia book soon if I get it on my birthday. My Facebook is Tryuee ZeldaNews (zeldanews wouldnt work because its not my real name obviously) and I’m gonna make a page for the website. Tryuee ZeldaNews isnt my name either but oh well. The logo for the website is also under work (it looks better than it seems its just a weird sizing that makes it have a little bit of a bad quality).

The under construction Zelda News logo

The under construction Zelda News logo

Its gonna have a hylian shield and of course the word news and it will be fully colored. Please like my Facebook page for the website and I hope you are enjoying my website.



A couple weeks ago I took advantage of the Symphony of the Goddesses concert in San Jose and had a blast. Now here is a message to all you people who live in California and don’t want to drive to Wisconsin or any of the other far away shows. The symphony is returning to San Francisco! As part of “The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses” world tour for 2013, the acclaimed concert will revisit Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco on (more…)

I have been searching the dark corners of the internet for more Zelda Wii U news and have finally found some more. I found this article at Zelda Universe.

“As an owner of a Wii U, I am very impressed with Nintendo’s latest system. Much of the console’s largest appeal comes from the revolutionary new controller, the GamePad. In terms of comfort, convenience and fun, words cannot express how impressed I am with the GamePad; but its greatest attribute is the amount of potential it provides for future games.

The Zelda series is renowned for its clever puzzles and innovation, and has already (more…)

As most of you know, Hyrule Historia is being released soon and everyone is getting excited. I was looking for the Hyrule Historia website when I found this article at Zelda Informer.

“Nintendo is excited for the release of Hyrule Historia as well, and they’re showing it at the Nintendo World Store on January 25th from 6 pm to 8 pm. The store is the only location in North America where the limited edition is available for purchase. The event promises loads of fun for any Zelda fan, with a (more…)

As you all know there has been a project called the Twilight Symphony that has been going on. It is a total conversion of nearly all the songs from Twilight Princess into symphony form.

I think it has something like 3 and a half hours of music. Anyways I was searching the internet for it because I hadn’t looked for awhile and I found this great article at Zelda Universe.  Click more to see the article. (more…)

As some of you may know, when Skyward Sword was released they had a special, limited edition bundle with a golden, Zelda themed Wii mote.

My golden Zelda Wii More

My golden Zelda Wii mote

Although the Wii mote was awesome it lacked a nunchuk in the bundle and I found it very annoying to use a black or white nunchuk with it because it felt unfitting. After awhile Nintendo responded to all the fans requests for a gold nunchuk to go with the Wii mote. Unfortunately I, and many of you were unable to obtain one of these  because of its limited quantity and the fact that it was only exclusively sold at club Nintendo and costed 900 coins. After awhile it sold out and I regretted not having enough points to get it. Now finally its back and available at Club Nintendo for its former price of 900 coins. I have a screenshot of the page in the post below. Click more to see the page (more…)