Nintendo’s Aonuma hints about Zelda Wii U

I was looking for a certain interview that I wanted to put on the site and I found this article down at Computer and Videogames. It talks about Nintendo’s new directions they want to take with the Wii U and a little bit about Zelda Wii U. Click more to find out.

Zelda overlord Eiji Aonuma has dropped more hints as to the direction Nintendo will take the series on its next-gen console, Wii U.


Zelda Wii U Screenshot

Speaking to US retail mag Game Informer, Aonuma revealed he’s planning to “take advantage of [Wii U’s] power” with the console’s first Zelda, and he even hinted that another 3DS version is already in development.


He told the mag: “The demo that we showed at E3 was really just more of a rough idea of if all we were to do was to take a Zelda game and put it in HD, this is what it might look like.

“We’re much more interested in looking at the power of the Wii U system and seeing how we can take advantage of that power to do things that we haven’t been able to do in a Zelda game before….

“One of our goals with Skyward Sword is to be the first step in illustrating for people how the Zelda series can change and evolve.”

Asked if Nintendo’s started considering an original Zelda for 3DS after its update of Ocarina of Time, Aonuma said he expects to be able to do something “very interesting” on the handheld. “It will be a game in which having 3D will mean something,” he teased.”

That was an interview from 2011 when skyward sword was coming out. They hinted that they are making an original Zelda title for 3DS but I hope they consider Operation Moonfall.

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