Cool E3 Wii U Zelda demo

In 2011 at the E3 Nintendo released a Zelda themed demo to display the capabilities of the Wii U. We must remember that this is not exactly what Zelda Wii U is going to look like, remember Wind Waker and the  Gamecube demo in 2000? They decided to take the game in a whole different direction. Keep this in mind because Zelda Wii U could just as likely be like Wind Waker. There are rumors that they are deciding to take the graphics into the cel shaded style resembling skyward sword in a way. Anyways click more to see the awesome demo.

As you can see, regardless of the graphics style it most likely will be running at 1080 p and will have more advanced textures. Nintendo has said that they have been wanting to go HD for awhile in Zelda and this their chance.

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