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I like to find the best of the best in Zelda comics. This week has been a slow one at I hadn’t really gotten much time to make posts and I will try and up the anty in future ones.





There are alot of Zelda comics on the internet. I will try my best to find the funniest ones to put in these comic additions and keep you all laughing. Post links (get it) to other comics you would like for me to feature in the next addition.


Nintendo added a new Miiverse page for The Legend of Zelda on the 14th of this month for fans enjoy. It was announced in a Nintendo direct video which I have for you.

They also referenced the release of the Hyrule Historia later in the video. The Zelda section begins at 13:32 If you do not want to watch the other parts.

I found this awesome Zelda video on youtube. Hats off to FinalCutKing for making this amazing video.

I am in a good mood, my moving ink blot Rorschach mask is in the mail and Wind Waker HD is coming out.


What do you want from me as a Zelda fan? I am going to start doing the reviews and walkthroughs in awhile, but what can I improve or change about this website? Should I start doing weekly comic posts or anything special? Comment below so I can figure out how to make this website better! Also follow me on twitter here

I just made an account for it.

I decided to make a video showing some of the Zelda stuff I got on my birthday this year. A great add to my collection I got a metal master sword replica (twilight realm or dark link version I think), A hylian symbol hoodie, an evolution of link tee shirt, and the Hyrule Historia. Click more to see some links to where to get some of this stuff and the video. Hyrule Historia PicsHyrule Historia Pic (more…)

I really wanted to go to the release party for the Hyrule Historia in New York at Nintendo World, but seeing as I live in California, I ended up not going. I kept browsing the internet looking for footage of it so us sad people who didn’t make could catch a glimpse of the action. I received my copy of the Hyrule Historia yesterday and just tell everyone the regular edition has all the same stuff as the collectors edition, the only difference is the faux (fake) leather cover and the gold trimming on the pages. The only difference is the regular copy has green and a different design on the front. I found this great video on Youtube by kirbygcn17.

Click more to see the video. (more…)

A look back at Zelda

I found this great Video on Youtube made by the guys at Gamespot. It covers the entire series and what it has brought to gaming. It’s also full of jokes and references that I guarantee will make you laugh.

I would like to give full credit for the video to Gamespot and I will have another big post for you guys in about 2 days time.


I just added a new feature to the website. I have made it so that you can earn ranks by commenting enough times. I’m not gonna tell what the other ones are (find out for yourself) but the one you have from the start is A Boy in Blue Pajamas (a reference to the beginning of the Wind Waker). You guys will have to find out the other Zelda related ranks by commenting so comment away.