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As you all know I posted an article about the article from Wii U daily that featured leaked info from a source in Nintendo about Zelda Wii U. I found this article on Screwattack that is a quick recap of that information and displays the major points.  For those of you who missed it or didn’t feel like reading the whole thing, you can now know the major details. For those who took the time to read the whole thing, here’s a recap. I hope some more information is going to come soon because I’m getting a little, not irritated, but antsy I would say. Anyways click more to see the article.

“Oh boy…straight from a major German news outlet comes a huge load of rumors regarding the next Zelda installment on the Wii U. These reputedly come from the same source that has correctly predicted the existence of Wii U achievements and the Miiverse…but I’d still grab a couple of buckets of salt to go along with these claims before digging in.

Here’s the list. Again, keep in mind that these are all completely unverified claims, so don’t ever quote them as fact. Ever. I just didn’t add “allegedly” and “it is reported that” to every damn sentence so it’d be easier to read.

  • The graphics style will be similar to the one used in Skyward Sword
  • The game is being developed by Nintendo EAD 3.
  • Several hundred people are working on the game, the biggest team EAD 3 ever assembled
  • Eiji Aonuma is the lead producer and has been working on the game since late 2010
  • Development is said to take about 4 years, due to the new technology etc…
  • …which makes it the most expensive game they ever worked on
  • The magnitude of the development effort is similar to the one of GTA V
  • The game was supposed to be released in the fall of 2013 to combat the new consoles by MS and Sony, but this will probably not happen
  • There’ll be roughly the same amount of dungeons as before, but they’ll be bigger and more different from one another
  • Some dungeons are divided into three segments and take hours to complete
  • There will be mini games and side quests
  • The game will feature an orchestral soundtrack
  • Link is mature
  • One of the first test dungeons was a gigantic forest that was about as big as the whole Hyrule field in Ocarina of Time
  • The game is so huge that it needs to be on Blu ray
  • There will be no online multiplayer…
  • …but there will be Miiverse functionality (leave hints for other players, etc.)
  • Havok and Umbra technology is being used
  • One of the hardware features of the Wii U Gamepad was only added because the developers thought of a cool way to use it

There we go, a nice helping of more or less interesting Zelda Wii U rumors. Is anyone disappointed by the (alleged) lack of online multiplayer?”

I have many questions I want answered by Nintendo like “will the Gamepad be used or the Wii mote” and “when are we going to see a real trailer or teaser”. Alas Nintendo and their secrecy. I would like to give full credit for the article to Screwattack. I also tweaked some parts of the article.

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