A cool Zelda collection

I love Zelda novelty items and things. I just like Zelda in general.  Everyone loves to dream about their own private collection of the things that they love. For instance a Zelda collection or a Donnie Darko posters and special edition DVD collection (excellent movie by the way).I was browsing Youtube and I saw this video. This guy has an amazing Zelda collection. From special edition Gameboys to special edition DS lites to a fairy in a bottle. I would like to pay a visit to this man’s collection. Click more to see the video.

I would love to have at least half of what this guy has. I would love to have my own Zelda collection but I mainly only have a lot of posters and a couple hats and shirts. I am working on expanding that to figurines and special editions. I’m also looking to pick up a copy of Hyrule Historia. You can pick up your’e own copy here. If you have a collection you would like to share post links in the comments.

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