More Zelda Wii U news

Zelda Wii U news is hard to come by, but when it is found or discovered, it’s awesome. Here’s an article from Zelda Universe that was inspired by a Zelda Informer article. It talks about Zelda’s future in the Wii U console and Nintendo’s plans. Click more to see the article.


Our friends over at Zelda Informer have received a tip from an anonymous source claiming to work at Nintendo saying they have some new information regarding the Zelda project for the Wii U. Although we take rumors published by Zelda Informer with a grain of salt, it’s always fun to speculate. Here’s what they’re saying:

  • It won’t be revealed until E3 2013.
  • It won’t be released until 2014 at the earliest.
  • The graphics will be that of Skyward Sword.
  • Nintendo of America prefers the motion controls to the Gamepad’s features and buttons.
  • Nintendo of Japan was surprised at the well-received romance between Link and Zelda and plans to make it a larger part of the story.
  • Developers are weighing the pros and cons for Link speaking, as well as whether or not to include full voice acting in the game.
  • A well-known character from a past game will be returning, but not in the same role or form as the past.

Once again, we tend to take such rumors with a grain of salt, especially considering Nintendo’s stance on voiceovers in Zelda titles. Zelda Informer is also known for its particularly poor track record in reporting rumors. Then again, the sky’s the limit for Zelda on Wii U!”

I would like to give full credit to Zelda Universe for the article and to Zelda Informer for the source. We have been receiving a lot of hints like this through the year so expect more in 2013 and be ready to see it on Zelda News!

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